BIOGRAPHY:  Profiled in the September issue of Vogue magazine, Shannon Carney is an American contemporary jeweler who started her career working in Italian fashion.  From 2004 to 2009 Shannon lived in Florence and Milan, Italy, where she introduced her 18kt gold collection at Milan's prestigious specialty store, 10 Corso Como.  Shannon was also a finalist in Vogue Italia's "Who Is On Next?" contest and created jewelry for the runway shows of Paolo Errico, Mila Schon, and Giuliano Fujiwara.  

Since introducing her collection to the US in 2009, Shannon's jewelry has also been featured in Elle Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Women's Wear Daily.


THE COLLECTION:  Shannon Carney Lab is a contemporary jewelry collection.  Shannon creates her beautiful ombre effects by pouring individual lines of resin; each line with subtly shifting color, transparency, and opacity. Like a painter, she mixes different dyes, pigments, and paints, drop by drop, to create the unique batches of colored resin used for every single piece of jewelry. The hand-poured resin is then shaped, and assembled with fused 14/20 gold filled links, by Shannon, in her studio.

As a nod to Shannon’s fine jewelry collection, she is now creating some of her favorite resin designs using 18kt gold or fine silver leaf. The gold and silver leafing creates a beautifully imperfect texture on both sides of the resin, with elements of color.  Each piece of jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind.


NOTES ON CARE:  Shannon Carney Lab designs jewelry to be enjoyed for any occasion! 

Here are a few important suggestions for long term care: We recommend treating your jewelry with the same care as you would fine jewelry. When traveling, or anytime jewelry is not being worn, store it in the hard box or container. Remove jewelry when sleeping and during strenuous activity.