The Collection

NOTES ON COLOR :  Shannon Carney Lab is a contemporary jewelry collection.  Shannon creates her beautiful ombre effects by pouring individual lines of resin; each line exhibits subtly shifting color, transparency, and opacity. Like a painter, she mixes different dyes, pigments, and paints, drop by drop, to create the unique batches of colored resin used for every single piece of jewelry. The hand-poured resin is then shaped, and assembled with fused 14/20 gold filled links, by Shannon, in her studio.


Shannon looks in every direction for color inspiration. For those images see Shannon Carney Lab's Instagram


NOTES ON GOLD AND SILVER LEAF :  As a nod to Shannon’s fine jewelry collection, she is now creating some of her favorite resin designs using 18kt gold or fine silver leaf. The gold and silver leafing creates a beautifully imperfect texture on both sides of the resin, with elements of color.


Each piece of jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind.